Who’s Happy? Considerations for Clinical Nurses to Nurse Leaders

BY: Lisa Lisle, BSN, RN, CEN Karen Gabel Speroni, PhD, RN, BSN, MHSA University of Maryland Shore Regional Health - Easton, MD

Do you know which nurse types have the most compassion satisfaction at work? Do you know which nurse types have the most compassion fatigue: a clinical nurse, nurse manager, nurse leader, or another nursing-related role?

Nurse researchers found a gap in the literature regarding differences in compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue by nurse type. They didn’t know either – so they did research! They also evaluated work environment factors that might be related to having more compassion satisfaction and less compassion fatigue in the workplace.

These work environment factors included:

  • nurses’ participation in shared governance activities
  • nurses’ satisfaction levels
  • nurses’ having experienced management changes
  • nurses’ intent to stay at their current jobs
  • nurses’ experiences with workplace and lateral violence.

The results might surprise you (or they might not) – nurses all need healthier work environments!

You can hear the full findings of the report and much more at the 2019 ANCC National Magnet Conference. This is just one of the many topics that will be discussed at the nation’s largest nursing conference. Register today!

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