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Finding a Nursing Job That’s Right for You

As a nurse, you’re in a profession that’s in high demand. The greatest job satisfaction comes when a job best matches your personality, skills, and preferences. 

Here’s how to begin your search…

  • Online. Google “nurse job sites” and use the top hits to start searching. You can also try ANA’s Career Center, Monster, SimplyHired, or Indeed.
  • By region. Do you want to work in a specific area of the country? Check the online postings and job boards of the health care facilities in that particular region.
  • Your college career office. There’s a treasure trove of resources in college career offices, including job listings, alumni contacts, career counseling, and even placement services. Take advantage.
  • Nursing associations. Join ANA! You can network with thousands of nurses, attend conferences, and workshops, or even volunteer. Get useful leads into new career opportunities.
  • Temporary positions. Register with a staffing agency such as nursefinders.com to pick-up shifts, short-term, or even longer-term assignments.

Think beyond the hospital. Nursing has a long history of community service. Consider primary care, clinics, nursing homes, residential care, rehabilitation centers, health insurance companies, travel nursing, home health, and local government agencies.

Next Steps

Write a winning résumé. Make sure your résumé is up-to-date. If you’ve not yet created one, now is the time to do it. There are excellent résuméand cover letter templates available online to help you get started. Find out more about résumé writing at ANA’s Official Job Center.

Interview strong. Now it’s time to shine. Prepare in advance. Dress for success. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself, but be authentic. Find out more about interviewing at ANA’s Official Job Center.

RN Salary Guide

How Much Do Nurses Make in Your State?

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Data source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics