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What are people saying about the newest SEE YOU NOW podcast?

What are people saying about the newest SEE YOU NOW podcast?

By: American Nurses Association

SEE YOU NOW is a podcast that shines a light on the real people changing the status quo in health: from nurses working in labor & delivery, with infectious diseases, and in hospice; to nurse allies in politics, business and tech.

American Nurses Association’s, together with Johnson & Johnson, hottest new podcast has everyone talking! Don’t just take our word for it, check out what people are saying.

five out of five stars
-BAB, 02/11/2020
Loving See You Now
Though I am not in the healthcare field, SEE YOU NOW offers me a lot. This podcast is about the human experience (something we can all relate to). As we’re learning and growing, nurse Shawna Butler is there to help us. As she says, ‘being human is hard.’ Her insights and knowledge eloquently express the fragility and courage of the human experience. SEE YOU NOW is delightful, enriching, and uplifting. Thank you, thank you ANA and J&J for offering this to the world.
five out of five stars
Sbinimd, 02/06/2020
What a timely podcast!
In the world of podcasting, and specifically the world of digital health and innovation podcasting, the voices of nurses are as prominent as their voices are in the world of healthcare. In other words, they’re not. This has to change. The ANA and JNJ, the sponsors of See You Now, have found a perfect champion in the host, Shawna Butler RN, to highlight the contributions and value creation of nurses driving innovation across the healthcare continuum. By showcasing success and presenting role models for change, the show is a powerful tool for innovation in two important ways: the first is by sharing best practices with its listeners; the second is by spotlighting role models in the nursing profession. See You Now is a fitting and timely tribute to the legacy of Florence Nightingale.
five out of five stars
meg’s view, 02/05/2020
Not just for nurses…
There’s no question this is a great new podcast for nurses, but it’s also an intriguing look at healthcare for those of us not in the field of medicine. Shawna Butler takes us on a journey into the often overlooked but critical role that nurses play in our lives and shares the stories of nurse innovators who are changing the way medicine is viewed and practiced today. After listening to the first three episodes I’m ready to declare every year the year of the nurse!

Don’t miss a single episode and let us know what you think by leaving a review.

SEE YOU NOW is available for download on Apple PodcastsStitcherSpotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. For more information, visit SeeYouNowPodcast.com and follow the social conversation with #SeeYouNow!

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