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5 Tips to Supercharge Your Nursing Career

5 Tips to Supercharge Your Nursing Career

By: American Nurses Association

Where will your nursing career take you over the next 5 years? How about the next 10 years? Do you have an idea of the professional direction you wish to go? Below are 5 tips that can help fuel and speed your nursing career in whichever direction you wish to go.

1. Nurture a Mentoring Relationship

Wisdom can come from so many places throughout your nursing career, but having someone to walk through your questions and challenges can be invaluable. Many experts suggest that you shouldn’t request a mentorship with someone whom you work with directly, or a direct report. This is suggested as those outside your direct workplace may have unique insights or fresh perspectives that will provide you with a great deal. There are some formal mentoring programs that you can get involved with, or it can be as simple as asking someone in your field whom you admire and look up to, if they would be willing to share some words of wisdom or assist you on a specific project.

2. Build and Utilize Your Networks

Just as a mentorship can provide specific training and insights, networking with others in the industry can provide a wealth of knowledge, as well as job openings or opportunities, that may greatly advance your career. Your professional network can be built by attending networking groups, conferences, training, or workshops. Online there are also additional resources such as social networks, webinars and online courses  that can allow you to connect with other professionals. You may also wish to bookmark journals, articles, and blogs that are specific to your field. These can be great fodder for both education and conversations with other professionals.

3. Always Pursue Professionalism

No matter how stressful or trying the job may be, it is always important to maintain the utmost professionalism both physically at your job and online. Just as you are seeking to network with others, other professionals will remember you if opportunities for you to collaborate come up. Also, remember that it is now typical practice for employers to look at a candidate’s social media profiles. Be sure whatever you post still represents a person that they will be proud to have represent their organization.

4. Continue Personal and Professional Development

Keep in mind that as you grow and develop in all areas of your life, it can have a positive impact on your career. Specifically things like interpersonal communication skills, conflict management, active listening, and problem solving are skills that you can benefit from in your personal life – but also can help skyrocket your professional career. As you grow and put these skills to the test with patients and coworkers, you will gain respect, authority, and can climb quickly through the ranks of your unit or department.

5. Invest in Your Education

Continuing your education is one of the key ways to continue to grow not only your knowledge, but also your skills and career. It can show your willingness to improve and change – making you the ideal candidate for openings and promotions.  With medicine and practices ever-changing, keeping apprised of these changes can make you the go-to for others in your current position and showcase your proactivity and leadership skills. If your schedule is tight, remember that you can boost your leadership skills online in the hours that best fit your schedule with a package like our Nurse Leadership & Management Bundle, that will help you improve your leadership and management skills while earning valuable Continuing Nursing Education.

Keep the above tips in mind as you continue to grow in your field. By utilizing these tips you’ll quickly find success, balance, and satisfaction in your nursing career.

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