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SEE YOU NOW – what you’ve been missing

SEE YOU NOW – what you’ve been missing

By: American Nurses Association

Each week SEE YOU NOW podcast releases a new episode highlighting innovation and human-centered solutions driven by nurses. Get up to date on today’s most challenging health care problems!

What Ebola Taught Us About Collaboration and Communication

Effective communication is key for any team, and during an infectious disease outbreak when the public is on high alert and lives are at stake, it becomes even more critical. As some of the first healthcare providers to treat the Ebola virus in the U.S., members of Emory University’s Serious Communicable Diseases Unit, Sharon Vanairsdale, APRN, and Colleen Kraft, MD, share their experiences, learnings and innovations they established to create a culture of safety and an affinity for preparedness to prevent the spread of deadly infections. Listen here.

Gaming for Health

What happens when a nurse merges a love of gaming with a passion for improving healthcare? A transformation in solving health challenges that is as unique as it is fun. Meet nurse, gamer and digital health entrepreneur Anna Sort in the latest episode of our SEE YOU NOW innovation podcast and learn more about her work that leverages gamification to create behavioral change. Listen here.

The Real Game Changers

Gender equality. Economic development. Greater health outcomes. According to nurse, researcher and policy expert Barbara Stilwell, PhD, RN, FRCN and Executive Director of Nursing Now, a global campaign seeking to elevate the nursing profession, more nurses in leadership and policy roles can result in all those things and more. In this episode, Stilwell speaks with Shawna Butler about the need to raise awareness of the impact nurses have in transforming health systems, the groundbreaking work they have accomplished in devising solutions to patient care and health outcomes and the exciting potential of nurse leadership and innovation. Listen here.

Pause for a Moment

As an emergency nurse and palliative care liaison, Jonathan Bartels, RN, understands the toll that witnessing a death can have on healthcare worker resiliency. In this episode, Shawna Butler talks with Bartels on designing The Pause, a meaningful and effective practice that health systems are rapidly adopting to address the alarming rate of clinician burnout and mental stress. Listen here.

Brushing for Your Life

Nurse, educator and historian Dian Baker, PhD, APRN-BC, PNP, PHN, has been championing a creative solutions to reduce cases of hospital-acquired pneumonia across the country: encouraging patients to brush their teeth. In this episode, Baker and Shawna Butler discuss the significance of nurses taking the lead in developing partners for scaling innovative solutions across an enterprise and why dental care, as well as mental healthcare, should be a larger priority in every healthcare setting. Listen here.

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