Let’s Get Visible! Transformational Leadership Drives RN Engagement

What is employee engagement? Gallup defines it as the level of commitment, passion and loyalty a worker has towards their work and their organization. Nurse Leaders can act to drive nurse engagement using the following interventions:

Be Visible

Show your nurses that you are a part of the team and understand their issues.

Be Intentional About Nurse Recognition

One employment study shows that employees who receive senior-level recognition three times or more annually are twice as likely to stay with an organization. So recognize good work!

Enforce Patient Stories, “Moments of Caring”

Remind your nurses why they became a nurse, and give them permission to spend time with patients, “Moments of Caring.” Collect stories from care delivered and the patient experience and share them publicly. Let nurses know their work is important and to hold onto these moments.

Increase Nurse Autonomy, and get Nurse Feedback

Think about a more collaborative shared governance model, and make sure your leaders buy-in. Shared governance will not work without the support of managers and directors.

Organize a few “big deal” events

Plan fun outings or events to show nurse appreciation. Let nurses know that the organization doesn’t work without them! Feel free to tie “big deal” events to stories and “Moments of Caring.”

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