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Leading Learning in Times of Uncertainty

Leading Learning in Times of Uncertainty

By: American Nurses Association

As humans we learn through experience. And through that experience, we grow.

The world today is a different place and health care professionals are adapting and evolving in dramatic ways. All of us are learning through crisis and creating opportunities to improve and plan. We can best prepare by learning from our experiences, forecasting professional development needs, mitigating risk, retooling, skilling up and, of course, scaling up.

It is times like these that accredited nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) can provide fluidity and flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of nurses and their interprofessional colleagues. A crisis does not mean a compromise in quality, but rather an opportunity to utilize the tools we have and provide critical NCPD when and where it is needed. Ensuring quality in areas such as leadership, transition to practice, and clinical practice are – now more than ever – vitally important as we weather this new normal.

Times of crisis can be times of innovation and ingenuity for individuals, organizations, and the communities we serve. Nurse planners and nursing professional development (NPD) practitioners are in unique positions to be #LeadingLearning, even during the most challenging and uncertain of times. Nurses and health care staff will, now more than ever, be looking to NPD leaders for not only clinical guidance but also strength and support. NPD leaders can take this opportunity to harness energy and stimulate growth and development though NCPD.

While there are many factors out of our control during crises like these, providing real-time, reliable information is one way to ease anxieties and demonstrate leadership. We must channel our resilience, strengthen our collaborative relationships, bridge gaps, and grow together.

Accreditation in NCPD provides the evidence-based framework to help our teams grow through any challenge with quality, outcome-driven education. The outcomes-based framework is both flexible and adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of learners and organizations, even during the most difficult times.

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