Innovations Changing the Nursing World

BY: American Nurses Association

Goal Mama Scores Big with New Moms and Their Babies

Goal Mama is the first app of its kind developed and launched to improve healthy outcomes for moms and their babies. It combines the best of a digital assistant and a visiting nurse program.

Launched by Nurse-Family Partnership®, (NFP) a national program serving first-time moms living in poverty, Goal Mama is a mobile digital platform that helps moms set short- and long-term care goals. It was designed to support customized steps each mother can set up and track. Everything from sticking with a healthier diet and scheduling immunizations on time, to finishing high school and renewing a driver’s license can be added, organized and updated.

Nurses can track moms’ daily progress using an accompanying dashboard software. This lets nurses supervise all aspects of each moms’ health and lifestyle to support their babies’ well-being and even send encouraging shout-outs in support of mom’s success.

The app was recently introduced to 400 nurses in Texas and Pennsylvania and is expected to get rolled out further through 2020. Participating nurses get specialized NFP training on using the dashboard and the app, as well as how to teach expectant and new moms how to use it and learn to rely on it.

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