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How APRNs Are Impacting the Opioid Epidemic

How APRNs Are Impacting the Opioid Epidemic

By: American Nurses Association

We’ve all seen the grim statistics. Our nation is in the grip of an opioid epidemic. According to the CDC, opioids kill approximately 130 people every day in the United States. Overdose deaths have increased almost six times since 1999. These lethal drugs cost our country tens of billions in medical treatment and lost productivity each year.

Urgent work remains to reverse this crisis, and the nation’s advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) are stepping up. APRNs are experts in their specialties, using their training and knowledge to set the standard for quality in practice and outcomes. With their higher education and clinical training, APRNs are exceptionally qualified to care for opioid patients.

States recognize this and are moving to take full advantage of their expertise. In early 2020, more than 20 states passed laws to expand APRN’s practice authority, reimbursement, involvement in telehealth, and ability to write prescriptions. Currently, 28 states plus the District of Columbia give APRNs full practice authority, which means they can practice and prescribe without physician supervision. As a result, more APRNs can now participate in state prescription drug monitoring programs and opioid prescribing programs to improve access to safe and effective care for patients with chronic pain.

With this expanded role in practice authority, APRNs are in demand to meet a wide range of health care needs in the United States. On the job, this translates to higher salaries, a wide range of practice settings, flexible schedules, and more opportunities for advancement and leadership.

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