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Excelling in Your Specialty: Scope & Standards Book Review

Excelling in Your Specialty: Scope & Standards Book Review

By: Janelle M. Zimmerman, RN, BA

Nurses have a wide body of general knowledge that ALL nurses know and are competent in. But most nurses are also competent in a specialized niche within nursing, whether that is home health, adult gerontology, plastic surgery, and numerous others. For many nurses, specialized learning happens on the job, in breakroom consultation with a more experienced colleague or at an in-service presentation, sometimes by consulting reference books stashed on a shelf, or even from a quick online search. Those are all legitimate ways to learn, and they all point to the need for continuing education in multiple modalities. The ANA’s Scope and Standards of Practice specialty books are the premier resources for all RN’s in whatever niche they may find themselves. These definitive reference guides lay out the expectations for nurses working in more than ten specialty areas.

The ANA Scope and Standards of Practice specialty series are affordable and comprehensive guides for all nurses. These are not the prescriptive type of guidelines that you will find in facility-specific policies but are conceptual guides that show you what it takes to succeed in a practice area. These books answer the “who?”, “what?”, “when?”, “where?”, “why?” kinds of questions that will guide you to think critically in your practice area.

The series is based on the official standards of practice that apply to all nurses. However, the individual specialty books show you how to apply those standards to a specific practice setting in practical and comprehensive ways.

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