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Certification Can Take You Places

Certification Can Take You Places

By: American Nurses Association

In today’s complex health care environment, the demand for well-informed, skilled nursing professionals is higher than ever before. The ANCC Nursing Case Management board certification (CMGT-BC™) examination is a competency-based examination that provides a valid and reliable assessment of the entry-level clinical knowledge and skills of registered nurses in the nursing case management specialty after initial RN licensure.

Olga Ordonez, BSN, RN, CMGT-BC, CCMC, CPN , began her career as a pediatric nurse and dove into case management about 18 months later. She worked at various hospitals in the Boston area before moving to California to join Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) in San Diego, where she works as a pediatric utilization case manager. In January, she earned her CMGT-BC from ANCC. Here, she shares her reasons for pursuing certification, how it’s impacted her career, and why chose ANCC.   

“When I reviewed the material for ANCC’s CMGT-BC exam, it included information that I was familiar with and had been doing at my job, but it also offered the opportunity to expand my knowledge and further develop myself as a nurse. Taking the exam and becoming certified has helped me stay on top of advances in my field and continue progressing on the learning curve of nursing.

Before I became certified I was in case management, now I’m doing utilization management for CPMG, which is part of Rady Children’s Health Network in San Diego. In this role, I review medical services requested for prior authorization to approve and/or redirect patients to appropriate care. My decisions are based on the patient’s benefits as well as the clinical information presented. I also review inpatient admissions within Rady’s and outside our network. I help ensure that patients get the right care in the right place at the right time.

I chose ANCC for my certification because it is renowned and sets the standard for certification as a case manager. The certification is geared more toward nurses as opposed to social workers or others in the field. I definitely want to stay with CPMG, and I believe this certification will open a lot of doors for me and help me progress in my career.

For anyone considering certification, I say ‘go for it!’ When I sat for my ANCC exam, I already had experience in case management, but taking the test increased my knowledge, especially my understanding of health care delivery and reimbursement methods, new psychosocial concepts, quality and outcomes, ethical and legal practice standards, as well as issues I didn’t necessarily encounter in my daily job. It’s always good to learn more and expand one’s expertise.

My job involves utilization management of pediatric patients with complex medical needs. This is already a high-growth area for the adult patient population, and I’m hoping we can do the same for pediatrics, too.”

As an ANCC-certified nurse, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources and support throughout your nursing career. Get ANCC certified and take advantage of these benefits today.

Find out why certification matters. Click here to download ANCC’s Certification for Lifelong Learning white paper.

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