A Good, Practical Read: The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey

BY: Bonnie Clipper, Mike Wang & Paul Coyne

Now an Amazon bestseller, The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation: Accelerating the Journey offers nurses their rightful recognition as entrepreneurs and health care innovators. Written for nurses, by nurses, it shows how to take your great ideas, products, projects, and more from the workplace to the marketplace.

“Entrepreneurship” is not a word often associated with nursing, yet nurses are natural innovators – doing more with less, creating work-arounds, inventing solutions on the fly, and improving patient safety and outcomes. Sound familiar?

The Nurse’s Guide to Innovation features personal stories of success and failure, so you’ll learn the best ways to advance any innovative idea. Find tips and guidelines for developing business and marketing plans, protecting your intellectual property, securing financing, and engaging your nurse teams in a culture of innovation.

This book is a great how-to guide for front-line nurses, nurse leaders, and clinicians. It even introduces a new term for star nurse innovators: the “entreprenurse.” For all the entreprenurses out there, this book is YOUR success manual.

Got a nurse with a really good idea? Want to give them a boost toward success? Nominate them now for the 2nd Annual ANA Innovation Awards. These prestigious awards celebrate nurse-led innovation that improves patient safety and outcomes. Cash prizes provide one nurse and one nurse-led team with support for translational research, development, prototyping, production, testing, and implementation of an innovative product, program, project, or practice. Award winners have one year to further develop their innovation and then present their findings at an ANA event.

Learn more about ANA’s 2nd Annual Innovation Awards

We need to ignite, highlight, and cultivate nurse innovators so they seek their rightful spot at leadership tables and on boards of directors today. Nurses are on the front lines of health care 24/7. It only makes sense to tap into that expertise for new ideas and emerging solutions.

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