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Why Nurse Residency and Fellowship Accreditation Programs Are Important

Why Nurse Residency and Fellowship Accreditation Programs Are Important

By: American Nurses Association

Consider the statistics. Up to 15 percent of nursing staff in an average hospital are new graduate nurses in their first year of practice¹. As many as 17 percent of them will leave their jobs in the first year and a whopping 31 percent will depart within the second year¹. For each nurse that leaves, it will cost the organization 1.5 times that nurse’s salary to recruit a new nurse². Clearly, residency and fellowship programs that support new nurses are a critical imperative.

In a recent publication, Sheryl Cosme, DNP, RN-BC, Director, Practice Transition Accreditation Program® and Nursing Skills Competency Program, American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), asserts that basic orientation programs are no longer enough². High-quality, evidence-based transition programs are necessary to produce quality nurses who drive quality outcomes. Download the full white paper here.

ANCC’s Practice Transition Accreditation Program® (PTAP) is an excellent way to elevate your nurse residency or fellowship program. PTAP uses peers to assess and validate your program’s quality and ensure the program meets at least these five essential elements:

  • Strong leadership
  • Organizational enculturation
  • Well-designed and developed curriculum
  • Evidence-based, practice-based learning
  • Quality outcomes the encourage lifelong learning

Most importantly, PTAP standards now align with ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® and Pathway to Excellence® criteria, so organizations with PTAP accreditation will not have to write to the standard.

Learn more and download our FREE gap analysis tool here. This resource was designed to help you identify areas to elevate your program to the highest standard in order to prepare for your accreditation application.



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²Cosme, S. (2019) Elevate Your Nurse Residency Program. American Nurses Credentialing Center, Silver Spring, MD.

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